Outside Catering

We offer outside catering services for corporate and social events, weddings, christenings, parties.

We can provide a hot or cold buffet service or we can provide a hot or cold meal designed around you.

Whether the occasion is large or small we can adapt the menu to suit all requirements.

We can also supply Chefs, Serving and Waiting on staff if needed.

Office / Workplace Healthy Catering Solutions

If you have a workforce, large or small, or if you work in a large office or factory environment.

Would you or your staff benefit from eating a healthy lunch?

The answer is Yes !

Research Shows that only one in five workers get up from their desk for lunch.

This can be detrimental and can damage health and morale over the long term.
So how do you encourage healthy breaks without losing your whole team for two hours in the middle of the workday?
One solution seems to do wonders for employee satisfaction around the world.

A Healthy Lunch !

Providing company meals has shown to improve morale, productivity, and generate camaraderie.

Healthy food has a whole host of benefits, especially when available in the workplace. The World Health Organization found that with the right lunch ingredients, you can boost brain power as much as 20 percent and accomplish more once you get back to work.

Providing food that boosts brain activity – both through nutrition and experience – will revitalize employees when they do get back to work.


Gone are the days of having to settle for mediocre institutional catering when you work with The Healthy Food Lab.

What’s important here is companies have a chance to set the tone for their employees every day.
Providing healthy options helps to stop the temptation for donuts or a fast food breakfast, which leads to a mid-morning sugar crash and skipping breakfast altogether is a productivity bomb because we lose focus and tend to grab whatever is most convenient, like vending machine snacks

While not the high tech solution we have come to expect, the way to a more efficient company could be through your employees’ stomachs.

We can offer you a meal solution for your staff whatever your business size or whatever your event.

We specialize in office catering and corporate food delivery services.

Contact us for further details