The Lab

Who Are The Healthy Food Lab?

Our proprietor and head chef Josh worked at The Midland Hotel in Morecambe as Junior Sous Chef for many years and along with our other chefs, they have come from a fine dining background and bring together skills and experience to deliver refined yet healthy food.

Josh created this concept to provide the local community with great, healthy dishes made from local produce to help you live a healthy lifestyle. Josh is passionate about what he does and with having young children himself he knows how easy it is to fall in to the habit of eating cheaply made fast food and supermarket ready meals, which can contain low grade produce and some even contain more sugar than a can of coca cola.

All our food is made in a kitchen not a factory, we are registered as a local food business, we have local chefs and use the best locally sourced produce. Everything is made fresh, nothing from tins, packets or the freezer. Our motto is HEALTHY HEALTHY HEALTHY, if its not we don’t do it..

Whether your a person wanting to loose weight, or someone who wants to gain weight, are you someone who needs a meal plan creating due to fitness goals, or maybe you just want to take a nice healthy lunch to work everyday instead of those boring sandwiches, or would you just love to eat freshly made dishes from our menu instead of putting time and effort into shopping and cooking for the week. You may even have an elderly parent or relative who would benefit from eating our freshly made meals.

We can cater for all your needs, we work with qualified nutritionists, fitness instructors and people from the medical sector, so whatever your situation we have got a solution.

The Aim

Our aim is to help you live a healthy lifestyle and to give your body the fuel it needs by providing healthy meal options. We also aim to provide a healthy alternative for people with specific dietary needs who struggle to find healthy options elsewhere.

The Produce

All of our produce is locally sourced from farms, butchers and fishmongers and is prepared and inspected by our chefs to ensure it is up to the highest standard.

The Menu

Our menu is constantly developed to meet the needs of our customers. Whether you have a specific dietary requirement, a weight loss goal or a gym plan, just get in touch and we will personally develop a plan that suits you (*minimum commitment term required*). We ensure our meals are consistent to give accurate portion control and to ensure you receive the same every time.

The Method

Our chefs use the Sous Vide method to prepare your meals. This method uses equipment to keep the water circulating to keep the water and food at a certain temperature meaning it will never be over cooked. This method ensures all of our meat, fish and vegetables retain all of their nutrients as well as all of their flavour. Our chefs have developed cooking times and temperatures for all of our meals to make sure you receive the healthiest and tastiest food possible.

Allergen Information

Our dishes may contain traces of dairy, gluten and nuts. Please contact us if you have any food allergies so we can avoid any cross contamination with your food and keep you safe. 

Tell Us

Our chefs are always developing new dishes, juices, waters, sauces and dressings as well as full meal plans. Feedback is a massive part of what we do and we would love to hear from you if there’s anything you would like to see or if there’s something you think we could improve.

Your Delivery

All our dishes come with storage and heating instructions. It is your responsibility to store and reheat the food correctly. To keep your food as fresh as possible we deliver your 5 day order in two parts, on a Monday and on a Wednesday. You can choose the delivery times when ordering.