Why use our Meals?

The benefits of using our meals?

Whether it comes from an aesthetic, general health or fitness goal, there is no doubt about it, if you are prepared with some healthy food in your fridge, you are setting yourself up to be way ahead of the game when it comes to meeting your body goals.

It saves time - Think about how much time it takes you to roam around the grocery store aisles thinking about what you might want to eat for the week? Think about all the time it takes you each and every evening packing your lunch for the next day? Or what about waiting in line at the fast food drive-thru (which completely goes against all your weight/health goals!)

It saves money – We all love to save money but if you shop for individual meals each week or worse yet, find yourself unprepared and ordering take-out, you are not only sinking your goals, but your wallet as well!

It causes less stress - Most people do not enjoy thinking about what we are going to eat for each meal and it can even cause some people anxiety. A much better way is to have your healthy food pre-prepared in the fridge.

It gives you better portion control - the beauty of this process is being mindful of portion sizes ahead of time. That way, when you sit down for your meal you are only eating what you have pre-planned. No second guessing about overeating!

It saves you calories - portion control (or lack thereof) is KEY to weight loss, weight gain, and even general health! When you meal prep you are controlling the ingredients and therefore the calories of those foods that are going into your meals

Are our meals boring?

Most people don’t want to keep eating the same foods over and over again. Some people do want to eat the same few things over and over again because they like to make things as simple as possible. If that works for you, GREAT! But if that is not you and you want more diversity in your daily fare, good news! Our Meals are the opposite of boring, our menu is constantly changing with a variety of hot and cold meals and we can even create your own personal menu using all your favourite ingredients, made into a great healthy meal.

Just come and talk to us.